Family Owned Enterprises

Family Owned Enterprises

  • Is your family geared for a VUCA world today?
  • How you are strategically placed in the businesses you own and run, and those that you are vested in?
  • Are your businesses ready for the future?
  • Is your strategy built to 'global' perspective?
  • Do the business enterprises that you run and are vested in possess leadership potential and management skills that ensure growth, and not just survival?
  • Have you adequately invested in your own success and succession?

Family businesses are unique phenomena unto themselves. Given that over 70 per cent of the world's businesses are owned by family groups, they have shown immense strength and resilience in surviving and thriving in the economic scenario that surround their businesses.

However, to ensure greater sustainability and continued growth in the increasingly volatile and uncertain environment of today's marketplace, family businesses are being compelled to embrace governance practices adopted by large professionally structured enterprises. They are investing in building or restructuring themselves on the basis of corporate governance, setting up an 'effective' organisation, business strategy and risk, goal setting, and effective communication across the enterprise.

Some critical areas that are arresting family businesses' attention are:

  • succession planning;
  • knowledge of intricacies and challenges of moving from family or single individual managed or controlled enterprise to institutionalised competence;
  • dynamics connecting family ownership, entrepreneurship, leadership and managerial talent;
  • transferring leadership;
  • adequate and appropriate usage of external professional input from individuals and entities such as ourselves; and
  • building strategy for global perspective by:
    comprehending real risk factors impacting the enterprise and its existence, a
       phenomenon that may well impact family continuity;
    continual learning and reflection to bring best business and leadership
       practices to their enterprise, to make existing businesses more competitive,
       or to create turn arounds and / or new ventures.

The CORG family suite and your family

CORG is fundamentally structured and suited to work with and for you. Here are some of your distinct needs that we address:

Leadership in family offices and core family board / councils: adding value to your very core by:

  • connecting you with current global practices relevant to you;
  • providing frameworks to help you build or enhance processes at leadership levels;
  • conducting assessment for individual family members to help them realign businesses and / or functions with core strengths and talents prevalent in your family members, whether patent or latent;
  • deploying BoardSCORE, our proprietary board assessment framework, with a view to augmenting the working of your core board, family council or family board where required; and
  • enhancing current and building future leadership talent in your family through specially designed coaching, mentoring, knowledge and experiential curriculum, with onBOARD and nextBOARD. This is with a view to addressing oversight of ownership, provision of leadership or functional / managerial expertise internally to your core family board / council, or externally to your businesses.

Risk and governance: protecting and enhancing your equity value by:

  • incrementing Board capability in the invested organisation;
  • carrying out Board evaluation and assessment to help realign or build capability; and
  • overseeing governance audit through direct engagement or deployment of our proprietary BOARDMetric instrument.

If you are looking to serve yourself or your enterprise with what is the most effective and unique leadership development process existing, you will want to speak with us. To discuss a specific coaching engagement, click here, and Vivek will call to speak with you. Or call him at +91 98119 84835.



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