What We Do

We are a boutique advisory firm created for and committed to delivering bespoke leadership solutions to address critical requirements fundamental to your survival and success in this constantly changing world.

We exist to provide quantum change in your leadership spheres by addressing your unique needs, build internal capability for self-sufficiency, and decrement your need to be dependent on external intervention.

We manifest excellence in your individual lives and business domains with our unfaltering focus on personal leadership, board development, and enterprise risk and governance advisory.

Our own leadership team, all 'C' suite, each with a minimum of 25 years' professional experience, work with you directly to understand your critical needs, design processes, and deliver its full impact with your sharing and disseminating that knowledge in your enterprise.

We are a leadership practice made of leaders, and a board practice made of board members; all with demonstrated track records.

In the domain of Personal Leadership, our coaches work with leaders in management teams and boards to unlock and manifest potential. We help our clients to catalyse new dimensions in thinking, sharpen focus, strengthen engagement and team cohesiveness to enhance individual and organisational performance, economic profit, and facilitate smooth transition; just a few measures of the effectiveness of our coaching process.

Leading people, planning strategy, inspiring commitment and managing change define the pain-points that we address through proven tools and methodologies.

In the domain of Enterprise Leadership, our risk, governance and board services address investors' and organisations' needs to maximise value and growth in a responsible and ethical manner. We work with organisational leadership and their boards to implement governance best practices and strengthen risk oversight to help them achieve sustainable growth over the long term.

We adopt structured frameworks and processes to develop leadership and to keep you and your leaders attuned to potential risks and gaps in strategy and execution, enhancing excom, mancom and board effectiveness.

Access to external financing, operational and share performance, cost of capital, firm valuation and risk of corporate crises define critical pain points that we address through enhanced leadership efficiency, probity, responsibility, transparency and accountability.

We possess the bandwidth and experience you need, and the courage and passion to work with you to realise your considered objectives.

Meet us, and experience us.


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