Not for
Profit Sector

Not for Profit Sector

  • Are you aware of the implications of the new Companies Act 2013 for your sector?
  • Are you prepared for the opportunities and challenges that today's economic environment entails?
  • Is your Board considering adoption of GRC practices?
  • Are you building a culture of accountability and transparency within the organisation?

The Companies Act 2013, which came into force in August 2013 in India, has placed Not for Profit (NfP) organisations squarely in a situation that spells potential opportunities and challenges in equal measure. While corporations falling inside the arena of the statutory 2 per cent* will look increasingly at the NfP sector to fulfil this mandate in their CR initiatives, NfPs will need to match expectations with a much greater degree of vigilance, transparency and accountability in the deployment of funds they receive.

The ability of the NfP sector leadership to adopt good governance, compliance and risk management practices has become an urgent imperative; the reality being that those who do will thrive, both internally with a newer culture of accountability, and especially with higher impact of monies deployed.

CORG recognises the tremendous potential that NfPs have for serving society, as equally the enterprise-sustaining need for their Boards to re-evaluate their oversight responsibilities and financial duties. We help NfP Boards enhance the mandated capability in their collective leadership, synergising their leadership to create and deliver impactful, result-oriented and measurable outcomes.

CORG to you

CORG's NfP Board services are aimed at setting the criterion for globally benchmarked performance in the CR sector, and building effective current and future leadership.

We help NfP Boards to protect and enhance stakeholder value by:

  • incrementing Board governance capability in the donor and donee organisations; and
  • designing and oversight of governance audits with respect to processes in place to measure accuracy and effectiveness of deployed funds.

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