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     Leadership is lifting a person's vision to high sights, the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.

Peter Drucker

Businesses are consistently engaged with incrementing economic profit. To this effect, they look to secure the commitment of leadership through development of passionate 'high-potential high-performance' champions and teams bonded by a common mission.

Knowing and understanding yourself lies at the heart of being a great leader. The ability to master your frailties, emotions, thoughts, situations and motivations to manage today's business challenges, build teams and relationships, and to work towards a cohesive vision for tomorrow distinguishes a great leader from a good one. Your leadership style and vision determine the success with which your business charts its course in today's turbulent marketplace.

CORG's value to you

We work to create resonance for you with yourself, your team and your environment, unleashing that latent confidence that comes from working from your core strengths. Leveraging a solution- and results-oriented methodology, we facilitate the transformation of individuals and organisations to manifest their potential into performance.

Our bespoke process deployment addresses your organisation's unique set of circumstances.

If you fall in any of these sectors, you have likely experienced the need for the following:

  • Large corporations: engage with your talent in executive and leadership coaching assignments, in developing your future board talent;
  • Start-up and mid-sized businesses: engage with you and your boards as coaches to create enterprise architecture geared for growth and excellence; engage with you and your team as mentors in specific segments to create and define roadmaps from strategy to execution;
  • Family businesses: coach you or family council members on a one-on-one level, or work as coaches and facilitators with family members as a unit.

Where relevant to the process, we administer one or multiple psychometric instruments, the choice of which we determine by the specifics of the assignment.

ALL engagements are led by senior 'C' level client partners and consultants on CORG's team, each with 27 to 36 years' professional experience. We customise our approach to suit your specific requirements, and work to maximise performance by adopting structured frameworks.

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