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  • As part of a PSE leadership team, what can you do to turn the phenomenal strength and potential of your enterprise and this sector into path-breaking overall performance?
  • If your PSE is performing at global benchmark standards, what can you do to ensure that its impact is heard and felt exactly in the places it should be?
  • Are you using the resources at your disposal to maximise the impact of your developmental work?
  • How confident are you of your team's shift from managing functions to leading business?
  • How sure are you that you have the right team that will migrate to full blown enterprise leadership tomorrow?

The lack of good governance and financial management in public sector enterprises (PSEs) has often hindered the achievement of development goals in developing countries; India certainly as a case in point.

A quick thought about any public sector enterprise that strikes your mind can only inspire awe at its largesse. Its performance, on the other hand, often raises questions with respect to governance and political interference.

The connection between leadership, governance and fiduciary management lies at the very heart of robust policy choices, their implementation and oversight. Research has shown that impactful leadership in the public sector boosts productivity; good governance results in better development outputs and outcomes; and sound financial management builds stakeholder confidence in the leadership development initiatives they undertake by the public sector.

The public sector also faces some leadership challenges that are unique to it. For instance, a substantial number of public sector managers are promoted to leadership positions with little or no relevant preparation for the roles that are walking into.

Ask yourself if you are confident of your leadership, NOT managerial abilities, now that you are mandated to handle large pools of resources – monetary, human and others – in the public sphere, to make the best possible impact.


We have bespoke leadership development solutions that are tailor-made for PSEs and government organisations to help public sector Board leaders to deliver on their mandates.

We add value to your existing Board to fulfil its mandate by:

  • enhancing Board processes;
  • providing enhanced tools and frameworks relevant to you;
  • Board evaluation and assessment; depending on your requirements, by either facilitating this process for the Chair, or by conducting it ourselves, deploying proprietary evaluation and assessment models where required :BoardSCORE*; and
  • building future Board talent with our bespoke, immensely unique and powerful proprietary process: nextBOARD*.

If you would like to discuss a specific business leadership development engagement, click here, and a senior Client Partner will call to speak with you.


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